About Us

Established 2019
Named after this quaint barn where the t

Blue Barn Farm is a family-run small farm/market garden specializing in sustainably growing produce, herbs and flowers.


Set in Northumberland County's beautiful village of Colborne, our market garden is growing vegetables and blooms that reflect the season. From French Breakfast Radishes and Daffodils eagerly making their appearance at the first sight of spring, to carrots, tomatoes and dahlias in autumn, we enjoy the best the seasons have to offer! 

We, Terry and Evelyn, along with our 3 children, moved to Colborne to start a market garden on a few acres of land. Our farm, named after the sweet Blue Barn located on the property, aims to provide healthy, seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers to the local community and visitors alike. We practice regenerative agriculture, using the no-dig method, growing with compost and most importantly; without chemicals. We look forward to sharing what we learn and grow in the season ahead!

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We'd love for you to check out our interview on 'In the Garden' with Ingrid Schumacher on Northumberland 89.7!